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Hon'ble Vice President

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Janab Syed Muhammad Ali Al-Hussaini

Hon'ble Vice President 

Khaja Education Society

Syed Muhammad Ali al-Hussaini has had an early initiation in the service of education, having been exposed to the dedicated work of his father and grandfather.  Calm and soft-spoken, Mr. Muhammad Ali al-Hussaini is a keen observer and an un-tiring worker.

An Alumni of Khaja Education Society’s Sayyid Akbar Husayni ICSE School, he went on to earn his Master of Arts in Arabic from Osmania University Hyderabad and later an additional Post Graduation Degree in Islamic Studies from McGill University, Montreal.

He has been closely associated with the administration of the Khaja Education Society and all its institutions.  Determined and practical in his approach, Mr. Ali al-Hussaini looks forward to the further development and progress of the Khaja Education Society, development that is aligned with the traditions of culture and continuity.

He is a keen sportsman and particularly interested in Cricket and the promotion of this game in the region.

Mr. Muhammad Ali al-Hussaini is well-versed in the Arabic language and literature. With a flair for the Arts, music as well as modern technology, he is well-equipped to introduce fresh perspectives in the future vision of the Khaja Education Society.

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