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The library of the college is open during all working daysand the students shall make use of the same during working hours. The department also maintains its own library consisting of 30 books, the books are selected & maintained from the specimen expire received from there staff these books are used by students till the end of examinations.


Joseph Addison rightly says:-

"Books are the legacies that great genius leaves to making which are delivered down from generation to geniculation as present to the posterity of these who are get unborn".

Bi Bi Raza Degree College has a well equipped library with reference section attached to it with scatting capacity of 50 readers. The total volumes of books are nearby 10,000. The general reference books include Encyclopedias (Volumes of international Encyclopedia of Social Science, 22 Volumes of World book Encyclopedias) & dictionaries. To add to this the library possessed U.G.C & SC/ST Books. All Books are partially computerized. Besides library has the distinction of providing the following service to its readers.

  • Special library services to meritorious students of college.

  • Xerox facility.

  • facility.

  • Orientation for the new student to make are of the library resource.

  • Reference services is rendered on all books days.

  • Students and staff members have easy access to all Journals & Magazines.

  • Research Scholars from other colleges & University enjoyed the facilitation offered by the library.

  • Catalogue Cards are prepared to facilitate to search the books of their purpose.
    Anther attraction feature of the library is that it has an array of Journals, Magazines & Newspapers which serve to enrich one's knowledge.

Dr.S.R.Ranganathan the Father of library & information Science says,

"Library are not mere store houses they are rich springs of knowledge, from where knowledge flows to irrigate wild field of education & culture."

In short our library is well equipped possessing information & Unique readable books an all subjects with the enormous funds from UGC Sing 1998, the library is progressing by leaps & bounds in videoing the horizon of the knowledge of the students.


Mrs.Shaheen Sultana,


Note : Concession in Tuition, Laboratory & Exam fee is given to the SC/ST & other backward class students whose Annual income is below the margin as specified by the Government. Further there may be change in the fee as and when notified by the Govt, University and Management. The Administrative Body of the College is empowered to make any change in the above fee. In such case the student are bound to pay the revised fee. Tuition fee and and University Examination fees can be exempted if the Govt. Of Karnataka continues the concession as previous.

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