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Hon'ble President

Janab Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini

Hon'ble President 

Khaja Education Society

Versatility and dynamism distinguish the successor of the visionary founder of the Khaja Education Society. Janab Dr. Syed Shah Khusro Hussaini Saheb ably succeeded his illustrious father Janab Syed Shah Muhammad Al Hussaini Saheb on 3rd April, 2007, an occasion that was marked with solemnity and grandeur. Backed with an impressive academic background Dr. Hussaini is an idealist with a keen eye for practical details. It is his determination that has been the driving force in the setting up of the Khaja Bandanawaz Institute of Medical Sciences. He left no stone unturned in fulfilling the vision of his father Janab Syed Shah Muhammad Al Hussaini who was keen to see a Medical College established under the aegis of the Khaja Education Society. Dr. Khusro Hussaini Saheb is an erudite scholar and Sufi with a passion for modern technology. This amazing blend of sensibilities has provided the Khaja Education Society with remarkable opportunities for progress, from introducing modern subjects in the syllabi to the latest amenities in the infrastructure.

An untiring worker himself, Dr. Khusro Hussaini Saheb possesses the ability to inspire others to exceed their capabilities as well.

He has dedicated himself for the development and betterment of this service-oriented society so that the coming generations will glean the maximum benefits in terms of educational opportunities. We have in our present President a modern visionary who holds in his eyes dreams of the future while holding on firmly to the traditions of the past.

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